The Glooston Log Co

  Welcome to my Website

I have finally joined the 21st century after a crash course on the 20th century and I am finally on the Web , well in spirit anyway , I'm most probably in a wood somewhere.

My site,hopefully,will keep you up to date on my latest knife designs and commissions.
It will also enable you , if you are not aware , to view some of my other creative skills including Custom Leather Work & Ropework.

My Leather work & Rope work is custom made to the highest standards using traditional techniques and best quality materials .

My Knife work is a bit more high tech , using ceramic belt grinding techniques & computer controlled heat treatment processes to aid in the precision of the knife making .


I fashioned my first knife 40yrs ago & then did other things until a bit more recently when my patience had improved with age & I started to make Custom Knives in earnest.
I originally trained as a Hard rock Mining Engineer obtaining a degree in the subject at The Camborne School of Mines 35 years ago.
I managed a number of Quarries over the years ,then I left for a richer life as a Woodsman & country craftsman which I have been doing for the last 25 years using the creative skills that I was blessed with and could share with others.  
Number of Visits : A Lot + You